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Privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy, and what it means to you.

As we have a Membership option, we also have a Privacy Policy.

If you're visiting the site, but not as a member, we log details such as your IP address (this is not your email address - it's just your machine's address on the Internet), which pages you visited and some other details like your brower name and version number. This isn't individually-identifying information. In other words, we can't easily work out who you are from this logging information, and we don't really want to, either; it's just used to help us understand the general pattern of use of the site.

While you're visiting, you may find one or more "cookies" are added to your browser. These are small and harmless files that contain random numbers to help us with the use-pattern tracking mentioned above. If you're a member, and you log on, we will leave a cookie in your browser to allow us to log you on automatically on future visits. Deleting these cookies (or not accepting them) is completely safe, although you may find that if you try to log on but don't accept cookies, you may not stay logged on, as we use a cookie to tell us whether you logged on successfully or not!

If you become a member, by registering through the front-page login, then we store the details you give us: your name, email address, and any other information you choose to supply.

We do not sell or pass on this information to any third party, except by due legal process (in other words, if law enforcement authorities compel us to do so). We will not use your email address for direct marketing unless you decide to opt in, and we will never opt you in by default. In any case, at present we have no desire to add to the direct marketing and spam that people already suffer.

We may use your email address to notify you of any significant changes to the site that will affect you: for example, significant changes to this Privacy Policy.

Please do keep visiting this Privacy Policy from time to time.

Last Updated on Monday, 22 February 2010 00:43