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Ted Wildy's Marriage Witness Index

The late Ted Wildy (d.1997) created a Marriage Witness Index that was a great resource for family historians. Sadly, much of it appears to have been lost since that time, but here's how to find what's left.

The Marriage Witness Index (MWI), compiled by New Zealander Ted Wildy, covered parts of the UK, plus Australia and New Zealand.

The UK portion at least was entrusted to Faye Guthrie, and she has kindly provided us with the original data, so that we can serve them from this web site in the near future.

The Australian MWI, it is claimed here, appears to have been maintained by Ada Ackerley. The contents, circa 1990, are available at, but more recent updates have not been integrated.  A portion of the Australian MWI featuring Victoria is available in searchable form at

Hugh Winters maintains the New Zealand MWI. If you're looking at that page, beware that the first link, titled "You Can Search The Index", is broken, returning an "Incorrect database name" error. Later in the same page, there are links for adding to the database and searching the database (both copied here, for your convenience, and these seem to work.

You may be able to find fragments of the UK MWI on the Internet by searching for files ofthe form UKWITxxx.ZIP (where xxx is an abbreviation for a county name). You will find a number of these at, although these date back to 1994 and are considered very incomplete.

Now that we have Faye Guthrie's copy of Ted Wildy's data, we are working on developing a searchable database of the MWI data for this site. Watch this space!