What’s with this “membership” thing?

Membership is a facility we’ve introduced that falls firmly in the “for future use” category, for most people. There is no charge for membership, and no plans to introduce one. The whole point of an FAQs site is to be as open as possible, so that people use it!

If you’d like to join, click on the “Contact us” link at the bottom of the page; the registration form’s there. (When we put it on the front page, it gets abused by link spammers.)

We have the facility to set up on this site forums for discussion, but this site’s purpose is to provide FAQs for the soc.genealogy.britain Usenet newsgroup, and that’s where discussions really ought to stay, so we’re not really considering forums right now.

Membership does have some uses already, though. Membership comes in these types:

Name & What it confers:

  • Registered The default level. Gives us your name and email address, and lets us keep you up to date with changes on the site. It also lets you use the “Contact us” form. See later for privacy information.
  • Editor Can create and edit articles, but not publish them (needs a Publisher to OK them for publication).
  • Publisher An Editor who can also approve articles (including their own) for publication.
  • Administrator Actually, there are several levels of Administrator, with increasing privileges. As the name suggests Administrators get to control the actual workings behind the site.
  • Any Administrator can upgrade your membership – email editor-usenet-faqs (at) genealogy-britain.org.uk if you want to join the editorial team.

If you have any misgivings about giving us your email address, please check out the Privacy FAQs, within the Site FAQs. There should also be a link to them right at the bottom of this page.

One last comment. We regularly get membership requests from some very dubious-looking sources. Any new users whose registration appears to be fraudulent will be removed promptly, to prevent abuse by spammers “scraping” for email addresses or seeking to hack the site. Please understand that we will not define what we mean by “dubious-looking”, as we do not wish to help those ne’er-do-wells evade our blocking mechanisms. If your registration has been deleted unfairly, please contact the site admin using the link at the bottom of the page.